:: History ::
The idea for the Central Fire
Hall began in 1906, when
Medford decided to stop holding
City Hall meetings in the mayor's
house.  It was the  city's first
public building.

Architect John McIntosh was
hired to design a brick building
at the corner of 6th and Front
streets, which opened in 1908.

The fire station was on the first
floor and the Council Chambers
upstairs doubled as the public
library until the Carnegie Library
opened in 1911. In 1921, an
addition to the south doubled
the City Hall's size.   
The Central Firehouse Hall
The Firehouse Dance Hall is
located on 44 N. Front street in
the addition to the original
Central Firehouse Hall of
The original hall prior to the
1921 addition

The Medford Central Fire Hall, as the building is known, remained
City Hall until the 1930s, when a larger structure was built
opposite the Elks Building, on 5th and North Central. That building
was torn down after Medford's current city hall opened in 1966