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Who we are

Private wedding dance lessons
are the most popular and fastest
way to learn your wedding dance.

Have a song in mind? Great! Just
bring it to your lesson. After a few
lessons, you will  feel comfortable,
confident and ready for your first
Why take a Private?

  • Improve faster.
  • Go beyond patterns.
  • Breakthrough to the next level.
  • Receive personalized feedback .
  • Work at your own pace.
  • Develop grace, balance,
    musicality, partnering skills and
  • Book your lesson according to
    your schedule.

Cost: $60 per hour
(541) 324.7981

(541) 941.9061
The Firehouse Dance Hall is operated by Southern Oregon Swing.  
We started SOSwing because we needed a locally-based organization
that was dedicated to promoting West Coast Swing in Southern

Why do we Love West Coast Swing?  

The Music!  This partner dance is danced to Blues, Contemporary,
Country, Funk, Hip-Hop, Latin, R&B, and Rock, (old & New)! Most any
genre of music works with this dance!

Why do we Love West Coast Swing?  

The Freedom!  More than any other dance we know of, West Coast
Swing allows for creativity, play and musical interpretation within the
lead & follow partnership.  Once you become comfortable with the
actual steps & patterns (also an enjoyable process), the fun truly

Now that SOSwing has it’s own studio, we are opening our doors to all
dancers, dances, as well as other disciplines.  Come join us!

You can find more information about West Coast Swing on our site

Dave and Rebecca